Demo Reel 2013

I had my first go at a Demo Reel. It’s just a small compilation of clips from 2012 & 2013 combined. Featuring footage from “Reality”, “Cello Concerto” & “Good on Heels”. Please enjoy.


– Cello Concerto (DOP/Editor/VFX Artist).
– Reality (DOP/Editor/VFX Artist).
– Good on Heels (Motion Design/Editor/VFX Artist).
– The Belgian Bmx Open 2013 Promo (DOP/Editor).
– The Belgian Bmx Open 2013 Live (Camera/Editor).
– The Belgian Bmx Open 2012 Promo (DOP/Editor).
– Fausto Cesario at Kapermolen (Camera/Editor).
– Commercial (Camera/Editor/VFX Artist).
– Bumper (3D/Animation/Editor).
– Le Renard Cognac (B Camera Operator).
– Titan Productions Logo (Animation/Motion Design).

Edited by Timo Vandiest.

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